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Welcome to Triibe

Founded in 2013 by directors Christina Symes and Jessica Stewart, We Are Triibe is a multi-platform destination offering design and styling solutions they love for the like-minded. They flawlessly guide people in discovering the potential of interior spaces to create their ideal sanctuaries, by creating inspiring, liveable spaces with a strong focus on environmental psychology.

Establishing a strategic educational platform from the beginning, Triibe has attracted a very loyal and authentic community of like-minded individuals, and in the process, has gained a strong following of over 40,000 people on social media. Combining industry knowledge with daily #TriibeTips and inspiration, Christina and Jessica design and educate with a core purpose of helping people feel happy, productive, relaxed and comfortable in their spaces.

In as little as four years, they have created a distinctive brand presence that is instantly recognisable and of course, woven into all spaces they create. They love working with and introducing national and international brands and products they know their community will fall in love with.

There are many ways Christina and Jessica can work with people and brands. If you are considering a partnership or a brand collaboration with Triibe, please email


“Our approach to social media has always been the same; we educate, inspire and offer genuine value to our loyal community. We ensure every touch point across our social media platforms remains true to our brand presence, but also inspires and educates our valued community who need help reinventing their own spaces,”

– Christina Symes, Co Founder of We Are Triibe

“Whether it’s gathering inspiration through our Triibe Travels, downloading our free Triibe Tips, which are packed with tips and tricks to help reinvent your space, adding to your space with one of our curated products, or engaging our services for bigger projects, we are here to help you every step of the interior design and styling journey,”

– Jessica Stewart, Co Founder of We Are Triibe



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